Dream Bed - Brand Activation for Fleep


Fleep, a Quebec mattress company, was looking for a way to introduce its product to a new clientele. Following an experiential marketing approach, the company decided to include the discovery of the mattress as part of the event Furie la nuit, created by Noctura.

FLEEP - Noctura


Noctura built a soothing zone including light cylinders and canopy beds. The beds, dressed in Fleep fabrics, offered a relaxing moment, combined with video projections. The brand activation Dream Bed offered the possibility to try the mattresses in an enjoyable environment, with receptive participants.

FLEEP - Noctura


Highly popular during Furie la nuit, the beds were shared many times on social medias by influencers. Furie la nuit and Fleep tagged these posts #litdereve (dreambed). Photos and videos of the marketing stunt were also taken to create unique and relevant content for the brand.