Noctura - Furie La nuit


Building on its successful immersive party Manege la nuit produced in summer 2018, the experiential design studio Noctura crafted a second edition, this time at the Grand Theatre de Quebec.



Furie la nuit was the opportunity to experience an unconventional event, where music meets art and technology. Surprise and discovery were around every corner as the six immersive nights presented many worlds at once. A business VIP experience was also offered, with 8 unique booth designs.

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Produced by Noctura, the immersive experience Furie la nuit was presented at the Grand Theatre de Quebec on July 4-5-6-11-12-13, 2019. Welcoming 5000 people, Furie la nuit was the most original party of 2019. A donation was also made to Opération Enfant Soleil.


Immersive experience
Set design
Digital experience
Video content production
Video and multimedia projection