La promesse de la mer

La promesse de la mer - Noctura 1


The play La promesse de la mer tells the story of Mylene Paquette, first person to row the North Atlantic Ocean. Co-written by Bryan Perro, interpreted by Tammy Verge, and directed by Pierre-François Legendre, the show quickly received the acclaim of the public.

La promesse de la mer - noctura 2


Noctura produced the video content projections for the play. The multimedia studio wanted to create a fantastic atmosphere to speak to the audience’s imagination. The actress being alone on the stage, the visual effects contributed to communicate the feeling of immensity felt by the young woman while traveling.

La promesse de la mer - Noctura 3


La promesse de la mer is presented until January 19, 2020, in several auditoriums all across Quebec. The visual signature of the show is acclaimed by the public and the critics.

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