Christmas Illumination - An immersive experience



Every year, the Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-Du-Cap’s gardens are illuminated for the Christmas holidays. For its 15th anniversary, Noctura created a beautiful scenography, highlighting the site’s wonderful architecture and the beauty of its old trees.



The area was divided in six zones. At first, the visitors entered a tunnel of lights that filled them with wonder. Then, the divine forest and its illuminated trees provided a thoughtful moment. Further along the path, a massive rock was enhanced by a soft light projection. Upon leaving this zone, the visitors found themselves surrounded by a meteor shower that enclosed a peaceful campfire. When the visitors came out of the forest, they could leave Santa Claus a Christmas wish (thereafter delivered by Noctura, of course!)



33,000 people participated in the immersive experience throughout the month, multiplying by three the number of tickets sold compared with the previous year.