Multimedia Studio

Halfway through theatre, video games and visual effects, the studio creates immersive experiences where magic goes along with reality.

Noctura services

Illuminated Pathway

Get surprised. Leave your mark.

- Illumination of a venue to create enchantment
- Immersive and interactive experience
- Urban or rural environment
- Indoor or outdoor



Experiential Marketing

Awake your senses.

- Communication strategy
- Brand activation
- Event conception and production
- Brand experience
- Content creation
- Sensorial approach

Noctura services

Immersive Experience

Connect with your world. Play. Feel.

- Interactivity
- Custom-made digital experiences
- Interactive walls and floors
- Connected objects
- Techno-creativity
- Set design
- Artistic direction

Noctura services

Video Production

Keep your eyes wide open. The world is yours.

- Video and multimedia content
- Video and multimedia projection
- Production and post-production
- Video editing
- Visual effects (VFX)
- Motion design

- Sound and light show