Multimedia Studio

Noctura produces immersive experiences to surprise and amaze. Combining technology and performing arts, the studio creates interactive environments, brand experiences, illuminated pathways, and video productions.

Noctura services

Illuminated Pathway

Get surprised. Leave your mark.

- Illumination of a venue to create enchantment
- Immersive and interactive experience
- Urban or rural environment
- Indoor or outdoor



Experiential Marketing

Awake your senses.

- Communication strategy
- Brand activation
- Event conception and production
- Brand experience
- Content creation
- Sensorial approach

Noctura services

Immersive Experience

Connect with your world. Play. Feel.

- Interactivity
- Custom-made digital experiences
- Interactive walls and floors
- Connected objects
- Techno-creativity
- Set design
- Artistic direction

Noctura services

Video Mapping Projection

Keep your eyes wide open. The world is yours.

- Video and multimedia content
- Video and multimedia projection
- Production and post-production
- Video editing
- Visual effects (VFX)
- Motion design

- Sound and light show