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The Future of Experiential/UX Design in Technology

As technology is moving at a fast pace, UX design is becoming more crucial for development in modern business. The field has already experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, with more companies recognising the importance of these services to get high-quality products with great functionality. These designers play a crucial role in providing what consumers need and want. They are experienced professionals who are constantly working to improve functionality and to ensure a reliable and versatile product. Technology is growing at a fast pace which demands UX designers…

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Experiential Design 

What is Experiential/UX Design?

User Experience Design involves user interface design and usability. These factors play an important role in UX but are not the fundamental function of the service. A UX designer’s duties focuses on the entire process of integrating products with their branding, design, and usability. Some of the most popular products and online services in the world do not only rely on the basic structure or functionality with features but rather the whole design element of getting the most out of the functionality and reliability of the product. In most technological…

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