Experiential Design 

What is Experiential/UX Design?

User Experience Design involves user interface design and usability. These factors play an important role in UX but are not the fundamental function of the service. A UX designer’s duties focuses on the entire process of integrating products with their branding, design, and usability.

Some of the most popular products and online services in the world do not only rely on the basic structure or functionality with features but rather the whole design element of getting the most out of the functionality and reliability of the product.

In most technological products, this goes into not only the product itself but also the software and drivers used for the devices. With UX comes a wide variety of responsibilities not mentioned frequently enough, such as troubleshooting product errors and making the products easily accessible.

UX designers do not only focus on creating products that are usable but rather creating products that are fully functional to their maximum potential, while keeping the product or service fun and entertaining.

Experienced UX Designers need to consider why the product was created and how it will be used for specific needs and wants from the consumers. They combine the complete user journey from start to finish. UX designers also come from various backgrounds in the world of technology and their services include development and design.

Visual design and programming have always played an important role in getting UX Designing to work fluently with the consumer’s needs.

With mobile phones and other technological products, all aspects of the user experience are considered, including the combinations of small and larger fonts to be displayed on screens. This helps a larger group of users to be able to use the products sufficiently.

The overall focus and dedication from UX designers provide vital services of getting products and online services to work with optimal functionality, design, and versatility. Without the use of UX, designers’ products may not be fully functional and will ultimately mean the end for a product as there may be functionality or design problems.

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